Pot Limit Omaha Starting Hands

In order to play a good tight aggressive game you first need to know the strongest hands to play. You need to understand how these top hands function and exactly where they get their value from in order to really exploit how great they are. This is a vital pot limit Omaha tip that needs to be taken into consideration every time you are picking a pot limit Omaha starting hand.

Here are the top five pot limit Omaha Starting hands. These are the best hands ranking from number 1 to number 5 listed with exactly where their total value comes from. The cards that share a number share a suit.

Top Five Pot Limit Omaha Starting Hands

  1. A1A2K1K2 – This hand is two separate hands that are AK suited. You have to love having two flush draws with this hand especially when you have the ability to make the nut flush of each respective suit. This means when you and your opponent both make a flush you will more than likely get their entire stack. This hand also holds a lot of value in its AA and KK card combinations. Not only do you have top over pair, but you also have the ability to make the top set and top full house as well. This is great since these hands are so strong. This hand also has the ability to make the very highest straight which also gets a lot of value from your opponents making a straight as well while you have the higher end.
  2. A1A2J1T2 – Our second hand here is a little bit different from our number one hand for a number of reasons. This hand has top over pair value along with top full house value. It has two separate flushes that it makes the nuts in. It also has a number of gut shot and double gut shot straight draws that it offers for many more opportunities to make a straight. This hand has tons of drawing value and should be played very aggressively to maximize value when you make your hand.
  3. A1A2Q1Q2 – The third best pot limit Omaha hand isn’t too far from the number one hand. It can make top over pair and top full house. It has two separate flushes that can be made into the nuts of either one. There is the AQ value for making a the best straight. The one major drawback of this hand is its weakness when a K is present. If there is a K on the board you have to worry about if your set of queens is beat by pocket Ks. This happens a bit where you will lose value due to the fact that you are playing Qs instead of our number one hand that has both the top pairing cards instead of the first and third best pairs.
  4. A1A2J1J2 – The fourth strongest hand in pot limit Omaha is again much like the number one and number three hand. It has top over pair and can make top set or top full house. The hand also holds the nuts for two separate flushes which shows a ton of value for flush over flush situations. The hand can also make the top straight with its combination of AJ. The drawback is now KK and QQ are a threat to you when you make a hand with your JJ combination. This is what makes it slightly worse than A1A2Q1Q2.
  5. A1A2T1T2 – This is our fifth strongest pot limit Omaha starting hand. Again another weaker version of our number one hand. This hand has all of the same quality except for the situations where you are playing your weaker pair of TT. You now have KK, QQ, and JJ to worry about when you make your hand.

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