Poker Books

Poker is a game in which one player must lose money for another player to win money. The more you win while you are winning and the less you lose while losing makes you a better. This is where poker books come into play. The more a poker player knows about the game the better their ability to maximize and minimize in the necessary situations. Winning money is the name of the game so therefore the better you are at winning the better the poker player you are. Poker books are a great place to start your poker education. Reading poker book reviews will help you to eliminate wasting your time with books that don’t really offer much. The best poker books stand out and reading poker book reviews will make the best poker books more obvious.

Education is one of the key points in creating a successful poker player. Any player either starting out trying to learn the game or playing the high stakes trying to increase their win rate will educate themselves. This is to better prepare the player for any situation that could arise at the table. A good player knows how to manipulate every situation into an opportunity. Some players watch videos, read forums, read articles, and even read poker books. There are also instructional poker training sites that you can use.

When first starting poker books are probably the best method of learning what is going on with the game. They normally introduce the game and how it is played so the material is easier to understand by new players. After the introduction the writer normally goes into detail about different ideas surrounding the game. Whether it be cash game tips, tournament play, or even sit-n-go coaching each poker book explains a large variety of thoughts that a player would have during the exact situation. Who would be best at explaining this? The top professional poker players who write them are the best at it of course.

Professional Players and Authors

The majority of poker books that get published are written by professional poker players. Some of these players are the most elite players to ever take a seat at the tables. There would be no one better to explain the game and how to win the most money than a professional player who has already done so. These players have already won enough money to satisfy their needs and want to enlighten other players with the theory and ideals of the game.The book Super System is a prime example of great poker literature being it is one of the best poker books around. Doyle Brunson really came through with this piece.

Of all poker literature the books written by the professional level players are by far the best in the industry. These players have been winning players for so long that they now win by habit. The pro level of play that they extort on the tables has been drilled into their heads so much that it is now instinctive for them to play the way that they do. These players teach in a manner that forces the reader to understand that there are correct and incorrect plays. They have all the experience needed to explain why a play is made over a different play and this is done in a way that the player can take the information and apply it to any situation that is close to the one expressed.

After reading through a large variety of poker books we have come up with the top five poker books for poker players. To begin your poker career the right way you want to start out with Play Poker Like the Pros. This is a great book to help establish the fundamentals of the game. Harrington on Hold’em: Volume 1 is the next step. This poker book reviews the fundamentals that you learned in the previous text and elaborates for the player to better understand poker as a whole. After that you can continue with Dan Harrington and read Harrington on Hold’em: Volume 2. This is a continuation of volume 1. Next on the list is Little Green Book. This goes a bit more in depth on some of the tips and tricks in the game. This is great for the player because it allows them to become a bit more technical with their plays. Once you have moved through these books you will be ready for Doyle Brunson’s Super System. This is a collaboration of a few different professional poker players that help Doyle Brunson get the reader into the mind of a professional winning player. These books are not only great for your game, but should be in every player’s collection as well.

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