Turn Tips

In hold’em, the turn can make or break you. Whether you are double barreling at the pot to try and steal it or if the flush comes in and you stack your opponent, it is always crucial what card comes up on the turn. With the help of a few useful turn tips you should be able to play the turn like a pro.

We have come up with a list of the top five turn tips to use in hold’em. As long as you follow our preflop tips, flop tips, and river tips you should be moving right along with these turn tips.

Top Five Turn Tips

  1. Watch for the Draw- Did the draw come in? If your opponent is the type of player who likes to chase draws then you should at minimum slow down with betting. If they are showing any aggression back towards you then they have probably hit their draw. If you are playing against a tight player who has called your bet on the flop then a bet when the draw comes in on the turn is a great move because they will probably fold thinking their hand has been beat.
  2. Value Bet- When the turn is a brick you need to make sure that you are getting value by betting. If you are out of position and you think your opponent will bet if you check, then go ahead and check to them. A lot of times you can check/raise all in here and stack your opponent when they have no hand at all. If you are in position and your opponent didn’t bet then you need to make sure that you get the extra street of money into the pot by betting.
  3. Don’t Get Pot Committed- If you are not sure if your hand is the best hand on the turn then you need to make sure you avoid becoming pot committed. Being pot committed means that you already have so much money in the pot that you are mathematically forced to put the rest of it in hoping to win. If you can leave yourself the ability to fold on the river and save those extra bets it will add up as you winning more in the long run.
  4. Don’t Stack Yourself- If you feel that your opponent is going to call you down and you have nothing on the turn then give up. There is no need to keep throwing money at a pot that you are destined to lose. This is costing you more money than necessary which in the long run lowers your win rate. When you are beat on the turn and your opponent is showing aggression simply give up.
  5. Build the Pot For the River- If you think your opponent has a good hand, but your hand is better then you should bet enough money on the turn that you can move all in on the river and it doesn’t seem like an over shove. You are much more likely to get a call when the rest of your stack seems so tiny compared to the pot. Setting this situation up on the turn is important to winning all of that money later on the river.

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