Pot Limit Omaha Tips

If you talk to any poker player, you will hear the same thing being said and that is “since the UIGEA passed the no limit Texas Hold’em games online have become much harder.” So if you are looking for some soft games to play where you can have a huge edge, you must give pot limit Omaha a try! If you have a good pot limit Omaha strategy you could go far!

Although Omaha is similar to Hold’em, the strategy required to play profitable can be very different. You will need to re-train your game to adjust to the subtle strategy of playing PL Omaha. We have put this article together with the “Top Five pot limit Omaha tips”.

If you follow these simple poker tips, you will start out your PL Omaha playing career with a decided advantage over the other players at your table.

Top Five Pot Limit Omaha Tips

Here is our Top 5 Omaha Tips:
1. Don’t Just Two Card Hands- In Omaha you get 4 hole cards and way too many players think they only need 2 good cards to play an Omaha hand, this mis-conception is false! If you have a hand like JJ72 then you only have a few ways to win a hand and you should be playing hands that give you maximum opportunity to win a hand. Any pot limit Omaha books will stress this as well. A good example of a good PL Omaha hand would be QQ67 where you not only have a high pair, but you also have two suited connectors that could make a flush or straight there by increasing the number of card combinations that could win you the pot.
2. Raise With a Wide Range of Hands- One of the greatest things about PL Omaha is that there are tons of ways to make big draws, big hands, and this allows you to open your starting hand selection and keep your opponents guessing. Do not just raise your AAXX hands but be sure to raise your suited connectors and your double suited connector hands. These hands play well in multi-way pots.
3. Drawing To Non-Nut Hands- One of the most costly errors players make in PL Omaha is putting too much money into the pot with hands that will not make the “nuts” when they hit. Hands like trips or a set will cost you a fortune if play improperly. Low flush draws and bottom sets are the most expensive losing hands for Omaha players. If the board is paired and you have a flush draw, you can be certain you are going to be facing a full house and you need to minimize your losses in a hand like this. You need to incorporate this into your pot limit Omaha tournament strategy as well or you could be knocked out of a tournament for not paying attention. Playing non nuts draws can be a disaster to your bankroll, so be sure when you are putting money in on your draws that you could have the nuts when the river falls.
4. Tips On the Board- This is much like the hand above, there are so many combinations of hands with each player getting 4 cards, and you must pay attention to what hands make the nuts and which ones don’t. When the board has 3 of the same card showing the winning hand is either quads or a full house made by someone holding a pair. A common mistake is for someone with K-9-6-4 to bet on the river with a 7-7-Q-K-7 board – you do not have a full house here as the winning hand must be made of exactly 2 cards from your hand and 3 from the board. Keeping your eyes peeled for any extra information is a big part of your game. Pro poker players like Phil Ivey or Daniel Negreanu are great at paying attention to what is going on. Take a page from their books!
5. Bluffing- Omaha as we have stated above is a game of drawing and with a large number of card combinations bluffing in Pot Limit Omaha is harder than a game like Texas Hold’em. Position is just as important in Omaha as in other flop games, so be mindful of bluffing in early positions or you may be facing a big raise from someone with a big draw. If this happens you will lose your chance to make a cheap draw and you will have to fold. Pot control in PL Omaha is an essential skill that you must master over time to play profitably. Bluffing in Pot Limit Omaha must be carefully done against very specific opponents; you must look for the right situations like paired boards, or some other scare cards that present you with a good opportunity.

As you can see form the tips above, most of these translate into any form of poker and following the advice in this article will save you money and win you money over the long haul. Keep the basic of PL Omaha in mind and you will have a significant edge over the other players and you will be well on your way to discovering a new game with unlimited earning potential.

Note: In 2008 Omaha Poker games saw a 75% increase in players from 2007. This is due to the “fish” being fewer and far between compared to years past. Omaha games are wide open to players who are looking to play serious winning poker.

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