Hyper Turbo SNGs

online poker proHyper Turbo SNGs are some of the fastest and most aggressive SNGs offered at online poker rooms. The starting stack size is a mere 300 chips with a starting big blind of 30! This gives the player very little wiggle room and quickly forces gamblers to make decisions for all of their chips.

Also the blinds increase every 3 minutes as opposed to every 5 minutes in typical turbo SNGs.

These hyper turbo SNGs are not without skill. A competitive edge can be gained by players who know how to take advantage of the tournament’s structure and are able to pounce on mistakes in their opponent’s game.

The short and skinny of it is, play relatively tight in the very early stages of the tournament, know when to kick it into high gear, be aware of your stack size, use position to your advantage, shove or fold.

Top Five Hyper Turbo SNG Tips

1. Play Tight In The Early Stages

One of the best things about hyper turbo SNGs is that many players in these games are just gambling. In the early stages of the SNG you will often see players shoving their whole stack in with very marginal suited hands or a naked Ace.

At the beginning of the SNG you should be looking for relatively strong cards from early and middle position and opening your range up a little closer to the button. Typically from early and middle position you should be looking for 77+ AJ+ to move all-in with. If the pot is unopened ahead of you then you can move all-in from the button with any pair, any ace, and a strong King. The same goes for opening the pot from the small blind.

2. Know When To Shift Into High Gear

Hyper turbo and Super turbo SNGs require significant aggression from any player looking to be competitive.

In the middle stages of the SNG, more often than not the cards in your hand matter less than your position and stack size. Many times it is correct to move all-in no matter what two cards are in your hand. For instance: If you have 5 or fewer big blinds, and no one has opened the pot in front of you, it is correct to move all-in from the button or small blind with any two cards. You cannot allow yourself to “go like broomcorn’s uncle” as Doyle says in Supersystem. In other words, you cannot pay blinds until your stack is too small for a double up to matter.

3. Manage Your Stack Size

Your stack size will frequently dictate your actions in hyper turbos. If you have a comfortable second place stack and you are in the small blind with 4 players remaining and the big stack is in the big blind, you should fold KQ without a thought. The top three players get paid and there is no reason to risk bubbling the SNG with a hand that is easily dominated. If you are the short stack however, this is a no-brainer shove.

In general however, whenever you are approaching the four to five big blind mark, you should be looking to move-in on the first unopened pot where your cards are not terrible (and sometimes even if you have 72o).

4. Position, Position, Position

This may be the most important tip to take with you into the hectic world of hyper turbos. Position is key! Whenever the pot is unopened ahead of you and you are in the small blind, you should be giving serious consideration to moving all-in. You have only one random hand to worry about. The big blind will typically be folding more than 60% of the time, and when called you still have a chance to win even with two random cards! This situation is always +EV for the player in the small blind. The same goes for the button, albeit to a slightly lesser degree.

5. Shove Or Fold

Fold Call RaiseEveryone starts with exactly ten big blinds. In regular multi-table tournaments this is known as “shove or fold mode.” The same holds true for Hyper Turbo SNGs. In Hyper Turbos you should almost always be making a decision for your entire stack right from the beginning of the hand. Either fold and conserve your ability to apply maximum pressure, or shove and apply maximum pressure.

Because stack sizes are so small, if you make a standard raise it is usually incorrect to fold if your opponent moves all-in. Because you have already dedicated 30% of your stack (if you raise 3x the big blind) and then someone shoves all-in for 100% of your stack; you need to call the last 70%. This means you are getting 130:70, which makes it about 2:1. If your hand can win 33% of the time in this scenario, then it is correct to make the call. If you don’t think your hand can actually win 33% of the time, why are you raising in the first place?

Most of the time the only decision you need to make is shove or fold. Now you can just sit back and laugh when other players spew chips by raising and then folding to your shove. The exception to the rule is that if two players have both doubled up early on and each has twenty big blinds, then it may be correct to make standard raises.

As with all SNG formats, make sure you tread very carefully on the bubble with tight but aggressive play. Check out our Poker SNG Tips article for tips on bubble play and more general tips on playing the Sit N Go format.

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