Cash Game Tips

Poker cash games have become very popular lately. Poker tournaments are a much better known form of poker because of television. The problem with a poker tournament is that you can be eliminated very easy early on in the tournament. In poker cash games you have the ability to rebuy and play hands against the same opponents beyond losing the first time. Cash games have many advantages as long as you know how to play them correctly. Having a strong poker cash game strategy is very important to winning money.

Top Five Online Cash Game Tips

1.Playing Tight- It is very important right now that you play in a tight aggressive manor. With poker being all over the television only showing the big hands and big bluffs, there are a ton of players that think each hand they play is a coin toss over getting it all in or not regardless of hand strength. Since these players are playing such a variety of hands you know that they are playing weak hands for the most part. If you play tight and are aggressive then you can take advantage of the weak player because you know that your hand is more than likely better than theirs.

There is poker software that you can use to see the stats of other players while you play. The players that you want to play against are the players who aren’t raising a lot. You want to play against the players who are just calling and limping in. This is a good way to spot a fish. If you see someone is playing a boat load of hands then you can be sure that they will be a target during your time playing. This is pretty much a poker cash game rule if you are a serious player. Try to play against only weak players. It will be much easier for you to make the correct play.

Another great thing about playing tight is that other good tight players won’t be trying to make plays at you as often because they too recognize that you are playing only a very few hands which normally means you are only playing strong hands. This prevents having someone reraise you every time you bet forcing you to lose money on continuation bets.

2.Be Aware of Your Position- When you are playing in early position you want to play a smaller amount of hands than you do in later position. This is because you never really want to play strong hands like AJ or KQ against multiple players. You raise with your hand preflop hoping to build a bigger pot in which you will have the best hand and to also eliminate all of the garbage hands like suited and connected hands that would otherwise call.

You are raising with a smaller amount of hands in early position because there are so many people behind you to act. Any poker books written you could read will stress the same facts about position. If there are still five other players to act behind you it would be a horrible time to make a bluff with any hand that isn’t very strong. While in later position you are raising with more hands because there are less people to act. Opening up in later position also helps to make up for how ridiculously tight you play in early position.

Being in position against someone, or acting after they do is very important. This helps you see what they do before you have to choose your action. If you see your opponent checks on a board of A92 then you can feel comfortable betting at the pot whether you have an ace or not. If you are out of position then they can react to what you do accordingly because they can see what you are doing first. Position is very important in poker.

3.Bet According to Pot Size- It is important that when you bet you are betting an amount that is appropriate to the pot you could potentially win. You might be able to bet $50 at a pot that has $2 in it and take it down most of the time, but when you are called and lose you need to win a lot more using that play to make it profitable. Bet one third to three quarter pot when you bet. This changes for each exact situation, but that is the general amount you should bet. So if there is a $100 pot in pot limit Omaha, you should be betting around $65-$75 at it.
When you are playing poker there are always a lot of mathematical situations that come up in which a player has to calculate if it is mathematically correct for them to make a call in the long run or not. If a draw is only going to hit one in every three times then you have to be getting better odds than that on your money or you will lose money in the long run.

Just like when someone doesn’t give you proper odds to call with a draw, you want to make your opponent call a bet that they will lose money in the long run against. As long as you give them odds that are worse than the odds their draw will hit, you will win money in the long run against that draw.

Since being aggressive is one of the best ways to make money in poker, you can be aggressive with your draws as well. With this though you want to make sure that you are giving yourself the correct odds to hit your draw and not lose money. When you do hit you win a big pot with a big hand. This is extra effective because you then give your draw some fold equity by betting with it. While your opponent could hold the best hand with second pair, betting might get them to fold for fear that you have top pair like your style of play is more accredited to having.

4.Play Against Weaker Players- Picking a table that is right for you is one of the most important things to do while playing poker. You have to be honest with yourself about your skill and then find a table with players that are not as good as you to play at. Tight aggressive players want to play against loose passive players and loose aggressive players want to play against tight passive players. This is one of the best poker cash game strategies to follow. Play against someone who is weak with the opposite style of play as your own.

It only makes sense with the theory of poker to play against players who are lower than your skill level. The goal is to win money when you play poker, so playing against players who are better than you will make those players win your money. If you play at a table full of weak players you have more opportunities to benefit from having a higher skill level than them and therefore win money from all of those weaker players.

5.Stay Within Your Bankroll- This is the most important poker cash game rule to follow. Anyone who is just starting out playing poker always has the idea that if they have $100 at poker rooms then they should be playing at a game that is close to that. They would play at lets say $50 poker SNGs or even worse, $100 games instead of playing at the smaller stakes and having multiple buy-ins to work with.
This is very important. You only want to play at a game that you have some padding in. Even though you are playing against players that are weaker than you, there is still variance in the game.

This means that even though your opponent could be on a draw that they don’t have odds to call on in which you have the better hand, they still hit their draw occasionally. This is variance. Any player who is serious about playing poker will experience this. It hurts when you lose a buy-in over an opponent hitting a draw they didn’t have odds to call on, but that is what you want because in the long run their draws will miss more than they will hit and you will make more than you lose the times they do hit.

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