Stox Poker Review

Stox Poker is a great new poker training site for poker players of all sorts. Nick Grudzien founded Stox Poker with the intentions of helping the up and coming online poker players to beat the games. The site maintains a variety of Stox Poker videos and articles of all different ideologies of the game. Nick and his team of pro players have filled the site with plenty of videos and content that is rich with helpful strategies on winning more money and losing less money at the poker tables. The Stox Poker blog system in which you can chat with other members of StoxPoker and even the pro poker players at times is a great feature of the site. With Stox Poker at your side, it will be no sweat handling all the fish and regulars that infest the tables. Stox Poker costs very little especially if you compare it’s cost to the amount of money you will soon be earning.

It is important for any player to have an education of the game. If you do not educate yourself you will inevitably lose money. This does not mean that you cannot learn on your own, but all the lessons you would learn on the tables by yourself can be learned more easily by watching pros engage in the same situations in their videos and articles. Saving money is winning money, no matter how you look at it. This Stox Poker review is geared to help you understand how important education is.

Stox Poker Pro Review

Nick Grudzien is not only the founder of Stox Poker, but he is also a no limit/limit player and coach of the game. He has written many poker strategy books that can be seen at Stox Poker, and has been a winning limit player at stakes all the way up to $500-$1,000 and at no limit games up to $25-$50. Bryce Paradis is another LHE pro name at Stox Poker. Bryce won $2.7 million in 2007 alone and his instructional videos are considered some of the finest in the industry.

The no limit hold’em pro Dusty Schmidt resides alongside the pros at Stox Poker. He subscribed to Stox Poker himself in 2007 and with the education that he has learned in the short amount of time there he now plays $25-$50 no limit hold’em and is now a highly respected name in the coaching industry. Kyle Hendon is one of the more relaxed styles of coaches at Stox Poker. Since he is so calm and collected, his videos always turn out amazing because he doesn’t hesitate to explain everything that he is doing in a simple and easy to grasp manner. Accomplished player and author Ed Miller is also on the Stox Poker pro team. This man is the innovator of the classroom style instructional videos. He has revolutionized the poker educational process and his work and tutelage can be seen in the archives at Stox Poker. Ed Miller has been featured in many poker books, including Small Stakes Hold’em, in which he collaborated with David Sklansky.

All of the pros at Stox Poker videos are aimed at the general audience of poker players. There is content from the pros of Stox Poker to suit any player’s needs. There are pro level videos from the micros all the way up to the high stakes games, so no player will be left behind. Every pro at Stox Poker is 100% knowledgeable in their respected field and do everything they can for their members to ensure a satisfied customer.

Stox Poker Video and Content Review

One of the pros at Stox Poker, Ed Miller is the first to introduce the classroom style educational poker videos. This opened up a new way of learning for players. Instead of watching someone play and only seeing the specific hands that they experience in the session, the classroom style videos allows for the instructor to approach any topic they please without worrying if there will be an instance in the session that it comes up. This type of video is also great for players because it makes taking notes easier.

You should be taking notes every time you are educating yourself, followed by reviewing and studying your notes. Just like a real classroom, the videos lay everything out for you with one idea at a time so that you don’t have to go back to a separate section of your notes when something of the same nature comes up. If the video is talking about position and C-Betting there will be a large section dedicated to to different things that have to do with position and then later in the video introduce some ideas about C-Betting with position. The cleaner your notes are the easier it is to learn from.

There is also a blogging system at Stox Poker. The Stox Poker blog works great. This allows players to post hand histories or situations that they have problems with every day and receive feedback from other members and even the pros. The connection that is experienced with your peers of poker is very important for any serious player. There might not always be a video or article that will help you with a specific situation that you can find right away, so being able to talk to others who are doing the same as you makes figuring out the correct and incorrect play simple.

If you don’t want to post your own hand histories (which you should so that you can figure out the hard situations you are in) then you can look at other player’s blogs and post what you think is the best way to play the hands they post. Sharing poker tips with friends is a great way to learn from each other’s mistakes. Even if you are wrong, you will then be corrected and know for yourself what is the right play in that specific scenario in case it comes up for you.

Talking to others on poker forums is another great way to learn good poker tournament tips. Poker tournaments are very long, especially if you go deep into the tournament. Talking with others on the forums can help you out almost just as much as watching videos about them.

Sign Up at Stox Poker

You can sign up today at Stox Poker and start your journey towards bettering yourself as a player. You can use Full Tilt Points to sign up if you play at Full Tilt Poker and have the points. You can also purchase a membership to Stox Poker. You can try the site out for a day for $17.99 and if you join within 7 days of your trial you will get the $17.99 deducted from your price. You can also sign up monthly for $27.99 a month with a $99.99 sign up fee. Take some time to sign up for Stox Poker and start building a real bankroll today.

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