Real Poker Training Review

Want to get inside the head of professional poker players? The players at Real Poker Training have made millions and are ready to hand the knowledge and skill over to you. With this Real Poker Training review you will see all that they have to offer. I cannot stress enough how important education is for every last poker player. If you don’t continue to better your game, you will both sit at your current limit and slowly lose money (even if you are still a winning player, neglecting education will lower your winrate) or everyone else will get better and you won’t be able to keep up. Regardless which reason is for you, it is extremely important that you educate yourself as much as you can, taking every opportunity to learn more that you have available.For poker training sites to be successful they need to have a solid community of members. This can only be achieved if they provide quality videos and content. Real Poker Training does just that. The pro team does an outstanding job of supplying informative videos and content for their members. There are new videos uploaded daily and new strategy articles written by the pros themselves posted weekly.

Real Poker Training Pro Review

The pro team at Real Poker Training consists of David Williams, Bodog Ari, Ryan Fisler, Todd Arnold, and David Eisenstein. David Williams is a well known WSOP bracelet holder and is currently a top 10 WSOP all time money earner. David has earned almost $6 million in poker tournament winnings and is still making more every time he sits down at the tables. Bodog Ari is another pro for the Real Poker Training team. Ari is a previous triple crown winner and has won over half a million dollars in multitable tournaments including a whopping $365K at PokerStars. Ryan Fisler has made a name for himself as a pro poker player with Real Poker Training. Fisler is the creator of Real Poker Training’s simple winning 5 card draw system. Fisler has recently won over $100K in only a few MTT tournaments. Real Poker Training brings one of the best to the classroom with Todd Arnold. Todd has been voted if not the best one of the best poker teachers of all time and also the best at reading hands. He specializes in educating players that are new or up and coming in the poker world. David Eisenstein has accomplished an amazing feat by being a winning poker player for over 26 years! Eisenstein has been a professional instructor for 10 years and still loves it. He is a well established poker writer and is also very entertaining.

Each coach at Real Poker Training is dedicated to their job, which is bettering every member at their respective game and limit. Whether is be no limit hold’em tips, pot limit Omaha tips, or anything in between, these coaches know exactly how to make you a winning player. This is a great feeling for most players who are worried about spending the money on coaching and site membership. Each instructor is equipped with the ability to handle and explain nearly any situation that pops up on the felt. Real Poker Training is 100% confident that you will be satisfied with everything their pro team has to offer.

Real Poker Training Videos and Content Review

There is a lot to learn at Real Poker Training, the only problem is where to start. The site offers over 200 hours of pro quality videos that you can watch and learn from along with articles and forums. Real Poker Training costs only $12.48/month for unlimited access to all their pro videos. New videos are uploaded daily throughout the weekdays and new articles are posted on the weekends. Every day there is something new for you to learn at Real Poker Training.

Each of the pros that make the videos for Real Poker Training prides themselves in how great their videos are. This means that each pro is pushing them to always make the next one better. In every video the instructor will explain each step in the thought process of each hand, and even elaborate more when they can. The pro team teaches you what play is correct in each situation, and more than that, they explain why the play is correct. This is more than your average poker tips. When you know why you are doing something it is easier to learn the concept. A lot of videos out are just some guy playing poker and speaking out loud what they are doing. “Here I have pocket 9s and I’m going to reraise this guy.” That doesn’t help much. “I am going to reraise here with pocket 9s even though this player raised in early position BECAUSE he has been playing very tight and most of the time he will fold. If he does call me then he probably has a big pocket pair and I can get his whole stack if I make a set.” That’s much better. Thank you, Real Poker Training.

All of the videos are put together properly, so you will not experience any audio being out of sync or video cutting out in the middle while the audio is still running. Some players dislike learning for the simple fact that it can be tilting. Real Poker Training understands that you are paying for quality work so they give you quality work.

When you sign up for Real Poker Training you will also have access to the site’s articles and forums. Each article is written by a top pro and more than likely edited and read over by another pro. Everything that you read at Real Poker Training is guaranteed top quality work. The forum is another great place to improve your game. The team pros are always checking the forums to see if there is anything they can help with. All members are able to share their ideas and questions in the forums. This makes for a tight family like poker community and makes learning personal. SIGN UP FOR REAL POKER TRAINING TODAY!

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