Deuces Cracked Review

Deuces Cracked is one of the most up and coming poker training sites on the internet. The site aims to give quality content for its users to encompass themselves with. Deuces Cracked gives you choices for education. You can watch, discuss, read or listen when educating yourself. From videos to articles and everything in between, Deuces Cracked has got it all! Almost every top poker player has more than likely spent some time on the Deuces Cracked forum. There are a lot of sites out there that are just trying to make money, but Deuces Cracked has changed that image. Signing up now for an account with Deuces Cracked will drastically increase your win rate and ultimately make you a better winning player. If you are going to spend your time at any instructional site, you had might as well make it Deuces Cracked and get more bang for your buck.

Deuces Cracked Pro Review

All of the content that is put on Deuces Cracked is very informative and quality work. The professionals at Deuces Cracked know their business and prove it with their top of the line videos and/or articles. Everything that you learn from the pro level videos will be real time situations that you can apply in your own game. Not only do they show you what they are doing while they play, but more importantly, they answer the question “Why?” This helps you to understand poker theory so that you can apply what you have learned in a wider variety of situations because you understand why the play is done. This extra money you will make adds up very fast. The Deuces Cracked video guide is a great series to follow in order to achieve this.

Some of the professional instructors at Deuces Cracked include Krantz, WhiteLime, FoxwoodsFiend, and Joe Tall. These are just some of the successful pros of Deuces Cracked. Krantz is so good that he will play $10/$20 pot limit Omaha against any challenger that is willing to face him. He is one of the founders of Deuces Cracked. Joe Tall is another founder of Deuces Cracked. He has been playing professionally since 2001 and has coached over 100 students in the past 3 years. WhiteLime was there for the founding of the great WhiteLime is a limit/no limit player who plays in games anywhere from $5/$10-$300/$600 depending on the quality of the games and how he feels at the time. Another big name at Deuces Cracked is FoxwoodsFiend. He is the executive producer and also a coach currently coaching 6 students. His real love is coaching because all of his students show so much appreciation for everything that he does with them. These guys really make learning poker an amazing experience.

Deuces Cracked Video Review

All of the content at Deuces Cracked is top of the line, done with state of the art equipment to ensure full quality on everything offered at the site. Every video you find will sync up perfectly fine with the video so you aren’t ahead or behind at any point in time. The images are crystal clear so that you can see player’s stack sizes and bet amounts with ease. Most people don’t like watching certain videos because it will be so low in quality that you cannot really tell what is going on at the table besides what cards the instructor holds. When a player says, “We have to fold here because he doesn’t have enough in his stack for it to be worth it here.” You can simply look at the screen and see “Oh, he only has 15 big blinds so I will lose money in the long run making this call.” All in all it makes learning a lot less tilting and more enjoyable so that it doesn’t seem so tedious.

All of the videos and articles at Deuces Cracked are designed around increasing the player’s knowledge of different situations that come up at the poker tables. Each article is written about one specific poker tip. By watching the videos you are able to have all the experiences of actually playing the hands, but you run no risk of losing your own bankroll while learning. A lot of knowledge is gained by actually putting in the hands and experiencing them yourself, but watching Deuces Cracked pro videos ultimately does the same for you. You are able to play pocket aces on a 3 flush board against a donk opponent without any worry of making mistakes or getting sucked out on and losing that ever so valuable bankroll. The less you lose means the more that you win. As long as you keep moving up and not down with your bankroll, you will be able to advance through the limits like it was nothing.

Deuces Cracked introduced a new way of learning with the watch, discuss, read and listen approach that they take. You can watch videos, read articles, listen to audio training, and even chat with other Deuces Cracked members who are just like you. There is also a Deuces Cracked hand history converter for all members to download and use to help track their hands. This is a great means to track your cash games and poker tournament winnings. Given that you have the option to learn through pure audio makes it possible to learn on the go. Once you have a subscription to the site you can copy the instructional audio clips to CD and listen to them in the car, while you work out, or anywhere else that you can listen to music. This makes learning a lot more convenient for players with busy schedules.

Sign Up at Deuces Cracked

Signing up at Deuces Cracked could be one of the best investments in your poker career. Starting out all successful poker players divide their time in half with playing and education. That goes to show the path that needs to be taken to become successful. With the help of Deuces Cracked anyone can become a top notch player in no time. Sign up now for $29.00 a month, $174.90 for half a year, and $278.40 annually. Sign up for Deuces Cracked today!

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