CardRunners Review

Education is the key to any poker player’s success. The more you know about the game the better you can handle each situation that arises. If at any time you are in a tough spot and do not know what you should do, there is more than likely a video, forum post, or article at a poker training site about the exact same experience. CardRunners has tons of videos, forums and articles that you can use to help better yourself as a poker player. CardRunners videos are some of the top in the industry. This makes it easy to sit down and start making money. If you already have a win rate, then you are guaranteed to increase it by studying at CardRunners. Everything you learn about the game will transcend into your bankroll, because it will teach you to win more and lose less. CardRunners is one of the top poker training sites on the market.All successful poker players have started somewhere. Most start without educating themselves, simply playing because they love the game. As the player progresses and starts to win money they develop that proper greediness necessary to win the most possible. When you first start playing online poker you should be studying for half the time and playing for half the time. This split of education and play will prove the most profitable. CardRunners aims to keep their members happy by providing the best pro level videos and content, helping their members win more money. Who doesn’t like more money?

CardRunners Site Review

CardRunners has a list of highly successful professional players providing videos and content for the members to view. They have an outstanding archive of videos of all sorts. There are high amounts of no limit hold’em poker training videos, but not so many of the other poker games like pot limit Omaha and seven card stud. There are also many more cash game videos than poker tournament videos. There is a very wide selection of videos for members to choose. This helps to ensure that you are getting the most for your money, which is very important when choosing an instructional poker site. Some of the most successful online pros reside here. All of these players together have made millions of dollars by simply playing poker and aim to help you do the same. The CardRunners hold’em manager program is also great for members to use because they will then be able to better track their hand histories.

CardRunners Pro Review

The professionals at CardRunners do videos for all levels of players. The small stakes videos are even done by professionals. A lot of sites will have other micro and small stakes poker players do the videos for the respective limits, but not CardRunners. These players have already worked past the micro and small stakes games, so they know just what is necessary to beat it. Since CardRunners is paying professionals (a lot of money) to make even the micro and small stakes videos, this proves that their main goal is not to make money, but to help the common player, you, to evolve into a chip gobbling monster at the tables. You can also read the CardRunners blog to keep up to date on everything that is going on with the CardRunners pro team.

CTS (Cole South) is a cash game pro for CardRunners. He is one of the best online poker pros around, if not the best. He does a lot of high stakes videos and teaches multiple levels of thinking more than any other player that I have seen. He is possibly the best player at reading online poker tells to ever play the game.

SBrugby (Brian Townsend) is part owner of CardRunners and also makes no limit cash game videos for the site. Not only does he do high stakes videos, but he also makes micro and small stakes and has also done many leak finder videos for players that send in a recorded session.

Schneids (Mike Schneider) too makes videos at CardRunners. Schneids has over $1 million in tournament winnings and is an amazing limit hold’em player. In his content he stresses the necessities to beat limit hold’em games.

Taylor Caby (GreenPlastic) also makes videos at CardRunners. He has revolutionized the current form of online poker with his famous battles with Prahald Friedman. GreenPlastic crushes the high limit games. With his videos at your side it will seem as though he is holding your hand through each play you make. All of GreenPlastic’s videos give amazing poker tips for players of all levels.

Mr. Menlo (Isaac Menlo) is one of the top tournament players out today, if not number one. He doesn’t play as much as other professional poker players, but makes sure to make it count when he does sit down at the tables. The videos that Mr. Menlo posts will help you to better yourself as a tournament player by studying one of the best at the game. Mr. Menlo also does a few poker SNG tips videos as well at CardRunners.

All of these coaches are available in the CardRunners Forums to answer questions. There is also a live chat session with the CardRunners pros on the CardRunners site.

CardRunners Video Review

There are tons of videos at CardRunners. You can see all the above pros’ videos and more at any time when you sign up for a CardRunners membership. They have such an extensive archive of videos that you will never run out. The archive is easy to navigate due to their filter. You can type in the limit, game type and even player you want to make the video and it will filter out just what you are looking for. This is actually very nice because then you won’t get mixed up and go to a game of a higher limit or lower limit than you desire and it’s very easy to find what you do want to see.

The videos at CardRunners are all of very high quality. The instructors are very informative and make sure that no play goes unexplained. This is one of the best features of CardRunners because the better the teacher, the better you learn. These players are pros for a reason and do a great job of transcending that into knowledge that others can use.

Each video is of 100% quality and is easy to stream and watch or download and watch. All the audio syncs up with the video, so you will never be ahead or behind in explanation while seeing something else. There is a classy intro to all the pro videos at CardRunners, which is very visually appealing and professional. The videos at all stakes are done in different ways to ensure that players receive the most from them. Instead of always having a pro play and talk while they play, there are some classroom style videos.

Sign Up at CardRunners

If you are looking to get serious about your game and start making some real money, then CardRunners is for you. Everything you need to beat the games you play is waiting for you. You can try the site out for a day for $17.99 and if you join within 7 days of your trial you will get the $17.99 deducted from your price. You can also sign up monthly for $27.99 a month with a $99.99 sign up fee. CardRunners now has a deal with Full Tilt Poker and you can use Full Tilt Points to pay for your membership aswell. Sign up today and gain your edge!

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