Poker Training Sites

The main idea for any poker player is to win money. The more money you win the better of a poker player you are. This is achieved by making correct conscious decisions over a long period of time playing. The better you are at doing this the more money you will make. Poker training sites are a big part of this. The better plays that you learn make situations more profitable for you and in total makes all of your decisions easier to make. Finding the best poker training sites is very easy as long as you know where to look. To make sure you aren’t confused free poker training sites are just as good as any other training site. You can still get the same poker tournament tips or cash game tips the same as a poker training site which you have paid for a membership to.

In every player’s career of poker they will see that the longer they play the more they win. Whether they are playing poker tournaments or poker cash games, every player should realize this. Now this is not only projected through moving up in limits but also in their win rate. Over time poker players learn more and are then slowly making better decisions. These decisions correspond with how much they win and how much they lose. Educating themselves is just another part of the job.

Poker Training Videos

Some of the best content that can be provided for players to learn from is from poker videos. These videos allow the viewer to watch the winning player as they play and pick up poker tips from everything they do. These allow average players who are still trying to advance their play to more so resemble professional level play. The top poker training sites normally only have videos that have been done by professionals. The videos are normally done by professional players and recorded while they are playing the session. The players then go over the plays that they could and would make and go in depth on why the play is correct. This lets players see through the eyes of the pro and their thought process during a hand. The player can then see how the pro examines the situation. This helps them to better understand everything that is involved in playing a situation.

Another major factor in watching videos is that you are pretty much playing each hand that the instructor is, but you don’t have to risk any of your own money. This is great because the whole point of poker is to make enough to move up in limits so that you make more money. The more play experience you have the better prepared you are. As you make the correct plays you will see that you are winning more money. These videos teach you to play for the long term and help to teach you about win rate instead of just basing your opinion on how you did for a particular session.

Poker Articles

There are a ton of strategy articles at training sites as well. The great thing about articles is that you can look up an article that is particular to what you are looking to better yourself in. Videos are also good for this but can get the viewer side tracked in other situations that come up. The articles are completely focused on a particular theory or idea and they elaborate in great detail. When watching a video, the player cannot control what hands are dealt and how their opponent will react. In the articles the writer has the ability to continuously speak about whatever specific idea they want to base the article on. This eliminates a lot of the confusion that can be mixed in with the videos.

Poker Forums

The poker forums are by far the most important part of the education process. In the forums players will post hand histories without the end result and ask for other player’s opinions about what the correct play would be. This is nice because just like with the videos it is allowing you to be in the hand without risking any of your own hard earned money. The difference between this and the videos is that you are put in the position to do the critical thinking yourself. You don’t know the final result so you are left to analyze the situation yourself and come up with your own logical solution.

Other players are doing the same thing in the forums. They are posting their own hand histories and responding to others. If a player thinks differently about a situation then you can then discuss your ideas about it and help each other better understand the situation as a whole.

Top Five Poker Training Sites

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