Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker Room Review

Full Tilt Poker is one of the largest poker rooms in the world. This mega site is now offering an incredible 100% on up to $600 first time deposit bonus when you use our TOPFIVEPOKER Full Tilt Poker REFERRAL CODE. Full Tilt Poker is one of the biggest and best known sites in the world. The site is flooded with horrible players at all the limits. There are always seats available at even the highest stakes games. Every player who is serious about playing poker have either already played here or should play here. Full Tilt Poker is top shelf poker. The only poker room larger than Full Tilt Poker is PokerStars.

  • Full Tilt Poker accepts U.S. players.
    Full Tilt Poker is compatible with PokerTracker3.

Full Tilt Poker Promotion Review

Full Tilt Poker is currently offering a 100% on up to $600 first time deposit bonus. The site has so many players that come to it that it is hard to believe they are just giving away $600 to each of them. There are tons of other great promotions available at Full Tilt Poker as well.
Anytime you are playing at a real money cash table or in any other real money event at Full Tilt Poker you will be awarded Full Tilt Poker Points. This is the site’s player rewards system.

The players will be awarded points determined on how much they have taken from them in rake. The points can then be used to enter into large cash prize tournaments, cash prizes and even used in the pro shop. The pro shop offers everything from huge plasma TVs to Full Tilt Poker apparel. Full Tilt really knows how to treat their players!

The Take 2 promotion makes it so that players earn double Full Tilt Poker Points when they play more than one table at once. This makes Full Tilt Poker perfect for any player who is ready to sit down and grind it out.

Full Tilt also runs a series of events called the FTOPS. This promotion runs repeatedly with $18,000,000 paid out. There are 24 smaller events(which still have huge payout) that lead to the main event which is the largest payout of all these events. The Full Tile Happy Hour is a promotion that allows players to earn tons more of FTPPs. If you play on a cash table during the Happy Hour you will receive bonus FTPPs in addition to those that you would receive normally. This will get you a free plasma TV or laptop in no time!

Friday Night Fights is a promotion that Full Tilt Poker is offering now for their players. You can not only sit and watch the Full Tilt Poker pros play heads up against one another, but you can also take place in the $5,000 guaranteed tournament or play in the Knock Out tournament in which players are awarded even more for knocking out the Full Tilt Poker pros that are playing in the event.

Every Sunday is a big day at Full Tilt. There are two huge tournaments running every Sunday. There is a warm up event that pays out over $750,000! If that isn’t enough, the later tournament has a total prize pool of over $1,000,000! Winning one of these will make it easier to retire early.

The Iron Man Challenge is a promotion that rewards players for being dedicated to Full Tilt Poker. The more points you get within the allowed period the more Iron Man Medals you get. At the end of the season the players who have the most medals will be awarded their piece of the huge cash prize!

Full Tilt Poker Traffic Review

Full Tilt Poker is one of the top two poker rooms in the world. This means that there are more players here than almost any other online poker room. While the site does have quite a few regulars there are still way more fish. The player quality is divided, but the fish are still easy to pin point. The majority of the players are at the No Limit Hold’em cash tables and micro to small stakes tournaments.

Any tight aggressive player can make great money at Full Tilt Poker. As long as the player can distinguish the difference between a regular and a fish there should be no problem raking in the cash.

Full Tilt Poker Software Review

The software at Full Tilt Poker is great. The tables are all resizable making it simple to multitable. The lobby has filters so that you can eliminate all of the tables you know you don’t want to play at from your list. The table options are good for playing with the bet pot button and slider bar to create your bet amount.

The graphics are crisp and clean at Full Tilt. Players have the option to upload table icons instead of choosing an avatar. This gives more options to the players. Full Tilt is safe and secure with your money so you can feel comfortable depositing.

Full Tilt Poker Customer Service Review

Customer service at Full Tilt Poker is good. With a site this immense they have to have a great customer service team to help maintain the happiness of their players. There is an extensive FAQ section at Full Tilt Poker. Players can use this to help themselves and not have to bother waiting for a response. If the issue that is being experienced isn’t in the FAQ there are tons of different email addresses that address specific issues that you can talk to. These customer support representatives are all trained accordingly to their specific genre and are fully equipped to help you resolve any issues.

Full Tilt Poker Games Offered

You can play the following games at Full Tilt Poker:
Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha 8/ Better, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud 8/Better, RAZZ

Full Tilt Poker Deposit/Withdrawl Methods

You can deposit or withdraw from Full Tilt Poker using the following:
InstaCheck, Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Click2Pay, Cash Transfer

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