Patrik Antonius

Patrik Antonius was born on December 13th 1980 in Vantaa Finland. Antonius is a former tennis player/coach who has now become an amazing professional poker player. He now lives in Monte Carlo and plays cards to bring in some serious cash. Antonius first got his name out in some of the live circuit tournaments. He now mainly plays cash games and is a heads up specialist. Antonius has won millions and is now a part of Team Full Tilt and plays under his real name. You can watch Patrik Antonius and even play with him at Full Tilt Poker. You can create a Full Tilt Poker account and receive a 100% on up to $600 first time deposit bonus by using our FULL TILT POKER REFERRAL CODE.

Patrik Antonius and the World Series of Poker

Antonius has yet to win a bracelet at the WSOP, but has still placed in the money 9 times. In 2005 Antonius placed in the money in three separated events. This was a start to show that he was not fooling around. Antonius stayed very serious during this time, constantly bettering his game every opportunity that he could.

In 2006 Patrik Antonius placed 9th in the $50,000 HORSE event. His cash winnings of $205,920 were his largest earnings that year. Antonius thought that he would follow this up with another amazing year in the World Series of Poker. In 2007 Antonius entered in quite a few different events, but was unsuccessful. He did manage to make 3rd place in the World Championship of Pot Limit Omaha. This paid out a nice $311,394 and secured his 9th time making pay out in the World Series of Poker. This raised his all time WSOP earnings to $569,964!

Patrik Antonius and the World Poker Tour

Antonius first made his way into the live light by finishing close to the final table twice. He came in 12th in the WPT Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure, and he also came in 15th at the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Stars event. This proved to the poker world that he was a force to be reckoned with.

Patrik Antonius and the European Poker Tour

Patrik was also very active in the EPT (European Poker Tour). He made his first final table appearance in the 2005 EPT in Barcelona. He took down 3rd place in this poker tournament. Antonius then went on to take down the Baden bai event with his first number 1 victory. Antonius won an outstanding €288,180 with just this victory alone. It was heads up between Antonius and Gunnar Osterbrods at the final table. The last hand Antonius had 8 4 and made two pair against Osterbrods Q 9. Antonius ended up making 2 pair to win the crown.

Patrik Antonius won that EPT and has final tabled one other time along with two other cash finishes. He is one of the overall big winners of the European Poker Tour.

Patrik Antonius and Cash Games

As stated before Patrick is an innovator of heads up play and it is where he makes the most money. Being as heads up is his specialty, which is his game of choice; he plays it a lot online and has made tons of money doing so. Patrick has won multiple millions in his time playing cash games. He was seen playing poker SNGs a few times recently, but it doesn’t seem like he is changing his normal games. You can tag along with Patrik using the Patrik Antonius twitter page.

Patrick Antonius does most of his cash game play online. He plays at Full Tilt Poker and is a part of their pro team. He currently plays under his own name since he is a team pro, but he has used many other aliases. He has gone by the names FinddaGrind, Luigi66369, and CryMeRiver9. The Full Tilt pro team members all play by their real names now. This makes it easier for players to come rail bird and watch them play the high stakes games that they frequent. Patrik Antonius is one of the best to play the game. Sign up now at Full Tilt Poker and play with Patrik Antonius today!

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