Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson is one of the biggest names in poker history. He has played tons of hands and has put in hours at the tables leading to his name being mentioned with the greats. Born August 10th 1933, in Longworth, Texas. Doyle Brunson has 10 World Series of Poker bracelets, and is one of the best poker players to ever play the game. Most people know him better by the Doyle Brunson hand, 10 2. Growing up in Longworth, Doyle played basketball for the Allstate Texas basketball team. He would practice running the mile in the off season to keep in shape. One year he got a part time job and broke his leg in two separate places while unloading some sheetrock. With Doyle Brunson’s networth now he would never lift sheetrock! Soon after he rerouted his efforts towards education and got a master’s degree in administrative education.

Doyle and his wife Louise have three loving children named Pam, Todd and Cheryl. Together they now live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Doyle’s son has studied the work of his father and has now won a World Series of Poker bracelet in Omaha HI/LO making him and his father both bracelet holders.

Brunson started playing poker in Texas with his long time friend Dwayne Hamilton. Once he started winning they began to travel all around Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana looking for bigger games to play. Once they found the bigger cash games, a few problems occurred. Most of these games were ran by criminals, so fair play was not always exhibited. Brunson has admitted to having a gun pulled on him before at these games and has also been beaten and robbed.

Doyle Brunson and the World Series of Poker

Doyle Brunson holds 10 World Series of Poker bracelets, winning at multiple different games. He won his first bracelet in 1976 at No Limit Hold’em World Championship. In 1977 Brunson really stepped it up and won 3 different bracelets. One bracelet was in No Limit Hold’em and the other two were in Deuce to Seven Draw and Seven Card Stud Split.

In 1978 he won a bracelet in seven card stud. 1979 he scored another in Mixed Doubles and then another for No Limit Hold’em in 1991. He won another at seven card stud in 1998 and then his first in H.O.R.S.E. in 2003. His last bracelet was won in 2005 at 6 Handed No Limit Hold’em. Brunson’s trademark hand is the 10-2. In 1976 he placed deep making a boat with the 10-2 and then won in 1977 with the same hand.

Doyle Brunson and the World Poker Tour

Doyle was very active and successful in the WSOP and he was also a large winner in the World Poker Tour. In 2004 Brunson won the Legends of Poker World Poker Tour event earning $1.1 million dollars. Brunson placed 4th out of over 2,500 people in 2004 in the World Poker Tour championship event.

Brunson held the Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Tour mid December of 2008. Chino Rheem ended up taking home the first place prize of this event. Almost 500 players entered for a shot at this $15,000 buy in tournament at the Bellagio. It was an amazing time for everyone involved and Brunson was happy for it all to have taken place.

Doyle Brunson and Online Poker

While Doyle doesn’t play too much online poker, he still has his own poker site on the Tribeca Network called Doyle’s Room. The site has become very popular to all but mainly tournament players. That is because the site offers so many guaranteed tournaments with larger than average payouts. There are a lot of poker SNGs at Doyle’s poker room that have great pay outs.

Doyle Brunson Other

Doyle Brunson faced a series of hard times in 1962. Just as he finds out that his new wife Louise was pregnant, he found out that he had a cancerous tumor in his neck. When they operated to remove it the doctors found that the cancer had spread and declared it incapable of curing. The doctors told him there was an operation that would prolong him for just long enough to see his child’s arrival into the world. Just after the operation, there was no trace of the cancer and it was declared a miracle that he was healed. There was a tumor found in his wife not too long after and once operated on was nowhere to be found. Doyle’s daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis and her spine became normal again in only 3 months.

Another big milestone in Doyle’s life is his son Todd taking after him in the world of poker. Todd studied his father very close and mimicked as best he could by winning a bracelet in Omaha HI/LO. This made Doyle very proud because it showed he was not only a great poker player, but also a great teacher of the game.

On a more humorus side of Brunson, Mack Rawden wrote a list of 100 people who they thought were due to die. He stated he thought that Doyle Brunson died in 16th place on his list. The article said that Brunson had a 10% chance of dying from obesity even though Brunson has lost over 100 pounds in the last few years. Brunson then said he would take a 10-1 bet against Rawden. The stakes are $10,000-$1,000 with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society.

You can follow all of the new Doyle Brunson news at the Doyle Brunson twitter.

Play Poker with Doyle Brunson

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