Poker Players

Poker is one of the most skill required card games around today. The game has many mathematical situations that require strict analysis to make sure that the player is making wise investments. The poker players have to know how to read physical live poker tells, or behaviors that a player expresses in a certain situation. There are even online poker tells they must keep up with. The players must keep track of how often their opponents are playing hands and how much money they have left in front of them. They can bluff with the best and value bet with the best. These characteristics make up a lot of the top poker players around. The top poker players mainly play in the highest games around. Since they have made their way to the top of the ladder they have then won enough money to play in the extremely large events very often. This is where they shine. Many could only dream of winning like some of the top professional players. These pros make it look like its nothing to win boat loads of money. With their advice you could have a professional poker player networth in no time.

World Series of Poker

There are always huge events running for poker tournaments. One of the biggest is the World Series of Poker. This is one of the highest paying live events that is played. Here you will see some of the top players in the world and even random players who have won seats through online poker rooms. Late into this event you will find some of the purest skill ever used at a poker table. There are only a select few who hold World Series of Poker bracelets. Those players are some of the select few who possess that raw instinct to read their opponents and make truly optimal plays to simply outclass most other players.

The World Series of Poker bracelet holders are some of the most highly recognized names in the game. There are tons of players who have made a good amount of money playing the game, but to truly prove you are one of the best you have to get a bracelet. Phil Hellmuth holds 11 bracelets himself and Doyle Brunson is right behind him with 10 bracelets. Phil Ivey recently won his 6th bracelet. Congratulations Phil!

World Poker Tour

The World Poker Tour is another one of the largest live poker events to ever take place. There is a large majority of professionals who frequent these events. The players even travel around the world following the World Poker Tour. This event along with the World Series of Poker is two of the highest paying events around and it is even televised on TV. There are standard average players who play in these events, but it is the pro level players that frequent the final table and cash payout.

Since this is one of the largest live events known to poker, the winners of this event are acknowledged and highly regarded by other players. There is always a huge field at these events so making it through that many players is quite a feat in itself. There are normally thousands of players in these events. Online tournaments like one of these with that many players could be done in just a number of hours. With a turn out like this live it takes days to finish. That goes to show just how well these pro level players can hang in there.Top female poker player, Jennifer Harman, has cashed multiple times at the World Poker Tour with a grand total of over $890,000!

Poker Cash Games

Cash games are the biggest hit right now in poker. No Limit Hold’em cash games are currently the most popular form of poker in the world. To be successful at cash games you must play differently than you would in a tournament. The top professional poker players can do both close to perfect. Since you can rebuy at cash games at any time there is a lot more to it than a tournament. If you are indecisive about a player who is going crazy, you can afford to call a larger bet by them to see how they are playing and not have to worry about being done playing because you can then rebuy back in. With this you can even set up an image as one of these lunatics so that others will stack off even lighter to you. Every top poker player knows just how to extort these situations. Patrik Antonius has recently made a challenge to all top online no limit hold’em players. He challenged anyone who plays the game to come play him at any limit. Antonius is a very strong player.

There is a lot more to cash games in the sense of finding a table you are comfortable playing at. Tight players want to find a loose table so that they can play tight and stack a loose player who tries to bluff them. A loose aggressive player would rather play at a tighter table so that they can play more hands and take down more blinds. These are both great styles of play that the poker pros have come up with.

If you are looking for some poker books to help better your game then you should check out the work of poker players/authors Dan Harrington and David Sklansky. These players have put their genius into word format for players like us to learn from. Check out some books by these two and better your game.

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