Play Poker Like the Pros

Roll out the red carpet because Phil Hellmuth is in the building. Eleven times World Series of Poker bracelet winner, Phil Hellmuth Jr., has published his work of art entitled Play Poker Like the Pros. Phil is the most successful player in the World Series of Poker and has now put his thoughts into words about the game he loves and has helped bring to what it is today. Phil might have quite a mouth on him, but his record goes to show that he likes to put his money where his mouth is.

With the record that Phil Hellmuth holds, this book should offer a lot more than it does. The book doesn’t really give anything but generic strategies for how to play and doesn’t give too much of an explanation to the reader.

Hellmuth has a section at the beginning of the book where he talks about different ways to play against different player styles. There’s about four or five styles that he goes over, but they prove again to be very lacking in reasoning. Hellmuth talks about playing against the maniac player, the rock tight player, the tough player, and the unpredictable player. If a player is entirely new to the game this book might prove slightly useful, but other than that it’s not really worth the time.

Although it is not that thorough the book does still go over basic easy to understand strategies along with a few more in depth ideas. Phil is an eleven time bracelet winner, so he does know his stuff. He explains betting and why you should bet. He also goes over position briefly. Neither of these go too far into the idea and are pretty generic and overall useless.

While the book is nice to have in a collection, it is very lacking in content for the reader to grow on. The reader could most definitely spend time reading a different book that has more content that they can gain from. Play Poker Like the Pros is still a must have in a serious poker book collection, it is not worth your time to read to try and better your game. You can also play poker with Phil Hellmuth at Ultimate Bet Poker. If you use our TOPFIVEPOKER UltimateBet PROMOTIONAL CODE you will receive a 111% on up to $1,100 first time Ultimate Bet deposit bonus.

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