Little Green Book

Phil Gordon, the host of Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo TV has put out a piece of work to help the working class poker player to help them become a more successful winning player. Phil Gordon might not be as well known as David Sklansky or top poker pro Phil Ivey,but has created a pretty strong reputation of his own, and is an amazing teacher. His book Little Green Book is an outstanding piece of poker literature that is worthy of everyone’s collection.  This was originally written to help anyone who desires the skill of a professional poker player.

For a lot of the book Phil focuses on no limit hold’em tournament play. He goes over a lot of different ideas involved in tournament play. He ranges from pegging the poor players right away all the way up to putting your opponent on a hand range. There are a lot of different specific spots that Phil uses to show the player different ways to handle certain situations that arise more often than others on the tables. Phil does an excellent job elaborating on everything that he explains in each situation. He goes farther than most with his explanations or how certain plays work and why they work. This helps to build a player who is more aware of the situation and what is going on around them.

The Little Green Book also does a great job of enlightening newer players with the much necessary fundamentals of playing poker on a professional level. He explains a lot of the necessary plays that a player needs to know because they are used to often to extract value in a hand. He also teaches a lot of the basic ideas that you follow while playing a solid tight aggressive style so that you can know when to bet and know when to fold. There are a lot of different things that are brought up including position and its importance in your decision making. A lot of the times when you are out of position you are limited on the different plays that you can take. If you have a big hand then you cannot check to disguise your hand because you then run the risk of your opponent checking and losing that whole street of value. Gordon goes into much detail about how important it is to put your opponent on a hand range. The more you know about what your opponent has the better you can play a hand. If you know your opponent was on a draw and missed then you can bet even with a losing hand and still take down the pot. All of these things that Phil explains in his book are all very vital parts involved with being a successful player. A player should learn as much as they can about the game. Phil Gordon’s book The Little Green Book has plenty of content geared towards making you a winning or more winning player.

The Little Green Book will most definitely help to make you a little more green in your pocket. Phil Gordon has done an outstanding job with his sensational strategy book, The Little Green Book. This book should be on the shelf of every great poker player and is a must have for any serious player’s collection.

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