Pokerstars Review – Top 5 Features

pokerstars table screenshotPokerstars is the biggest and best poker site available to players outside the USA. Unfortunately Pokerstars hasn’t been able to offer games to Americans following the Black Friday in 2011, but they still maintain the title of largest poker room around.

The biggest draw for players to play on Pokerstars is the sheer quantity of action. Pokerstars has more players in their tournaments and more cash games running at every conceivable limit and at all hours of the day. SNG and MTT players can multitable to their hearts content.

Being the biggest site in town gives Pokerstars the ability to spread a wide variety of games including Omaha, O8, Stud, Razz, Horse etc. These games are usually absent from other sites because the slower traffic cannot support non-holdem games.

Top 5 Pokerstars Features:

1. Action, Action, Action

Pokerstars is the largest and most trafficked site online. They offer the most tables and the greatest variety of games. If you like to play multiple tables then Pokerstars is the best place to play. You will easily be able to get many tables going at your favorite limit. Any game, any limit, Cash, SNG, or MTT, Pokerstars offers more action than any other site online.

2. Reliability

Pokerstars is the oldest of the big online poker sites. Opening their doors in 2001, Pokerstars has been a reliable place for players to play and safely deposit and cashout their money for the last dozen years. Even following Black Friday in 2011, Pokerstars was able to quickly arrange for US players to receive their money.

3. Ease of Deposit and Cashout

Pokerstars charges no fee for cashouts by check and cashouts usually take less than a couple of weeks to process. Pokerstars remains an industry leader in payout processing and reliability.

Pokerstars has recently started offering cashouts by wire transfer. This is an even quicker option taking as little as 8 days from the day the funds were cashed out until they arrive in the player’s bank account.

4. Excellent Software

pokerstars lobby screenshotPokerstars claims to have the best software in the online poker marketplace. In terms of speed, appearance, and the variety of options offered, the crew agrees that the Pokerstars software client is one of the best available. Pokerstars has an intuitive and fully featured hand history replayer that allows you to easily see the action of previous hands, you can even set it up to instantly download all hand histories. Pokerstars is a no-brainer for the serious poker player.

Pokerstars also allows players to resize, tile, and stack tables with the click of a mouse. You can even save your specific table configuration, and Pokerstars will allow you to load it next time you play.

5. Excellent bonuses and VIP program

Pokerstars has one of the best VIP programs in the business. Frequent players will qualify for cash rewards, free tournament entries, and awesome merchandise including laptops and tablets.

First time Pokerstars players signing up through will get a $600 deposit bonus on their initial deposit. Visit Pokerstars today and get your piece of the action!

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