Clearing Poker Bonuses

Taking advantage of poker deposit bonuses is the easiest way for real money online poker players to earn more money. Whether clearing a reload deposit bonus or depositing for a new account sign up bonus, no serious player can avoid the free poker money that comes with these types of offers. It is a myth that only losing players have to redeposit, and poker rooms know that the key to good player traffic is a constant inflow of money to the online poker economy. The competition between online poker sites for players business has opened up some lucrative opportunities for savvy online players. In this guide I offer five tips on extracting the most value from online poker deposit bonuses:

1. Never Play For Real Money Without A Bonus

In today’s competitive market, depositing players have an advantage in being able to play at more than one online card room. Knowing that, players should always be clearing bonuses when playing real money poker games. It is worth noting that aside from the two largest poker sites in Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, almost all other online poker rooms offer frequent reload promotions. I realize this is a simple tip but it is worth pointing out, and repeating, so remember to play with incentive every time you log-on.

2. Deposit Amounts Proportionate To What You Can Clear

If you play nickel stakes poker depositing $1,000 at a poker site where the bonus is released in one lump sum doesn’t make much sense, so be sure to only deposit an amount you can reasonably clear, as some bonuses expire in as little as 30 days. If you play small stakes poker, deposit smaller amounts and look for card rooms that release bonuses incrementally. On the flip side, if you play a lot of middle stakes and up poker definitely be sure to deposit full amounts as bonuses will clear much faster at those stakes.

3. Combine Promotions To Clear Deposit Bonuses Faster

Often times poker rooms will run specials that help players clear bonuses faster. A great example of a poker room that does this frequently is the “Happy Hour” promotions offered daily by Full Tilt Poker. During these times players earn the points needed to release available bonus money faster, usually at a double time rate and occasionally even more. Smart online players combine this promotion with signup bonus and reload offers to earn more free money.

Knowing that every poker site has different types of promotions, I recommendations checking the scanning current promotions at your favorite sites to see which offers you can combine with a bonus. Don’t forget to check for any fine print.

4. Maintain Higher VIP Status Levels

Every poker room has a VIP type rewards program, sometimes with a creative name but all sites do have some type of tier system that rewards players who play more often with higher earn rates. Since we know that earning points in these loyalty programs faster also releases bonus money faster, it makes sense to monitor and maintain status levels at poker sites that tend to offer stackable bonuses and frequent redeposit offers.

Even when not actively clearing bonuses or checking out new poker sites, make sure you don’t let earned tier levels expire. Using a system like this is a sure ticket to a padded bankroll and usually even trumps a rakeback deal.

5. Play More Volume

They obvious key to clearing poker deposit bonuses profitably is to earn the poker site you play at more volume. The easiest way to do that is to play more volume. Sit and go players and players who frequent the fixed limit games inevitably generate more rake for poker rooms, so they naturally clear more bonus cash. Skilled no limit players will have to balance bonus chasing with the higher earn rates offered with the amount of volume that can be played at the game variations I mentioned. Every player is different, but there is an added benefits to mid level skill players who are interested in growing a poker bankroll with less violent swings and variance.

Clearing Poker Bonuses Summary

I hope this guide has helped educate players in how to extract more value while taking advantage of the fierce competition between online poker rooms. Nothing is better than free money, so keep these tips in mind as you view poker deposit bonus offers and always remember that depositing players are valuable to new poker rooms, take advantage of that.

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